In our aftercare program called Obadiah’s House, we offer:

  • Individual counseling – personal, family and financial.
  • Overcomers 12 step Christ-centered program – learning to overcome any life controlling issue.
  • Help for them in joining a local church.
  • To assist them in obtaining a job and then work toward promotion and better opportunities.
  • Help in making sure they are saving money toward becoming independent.
  • To assist them in handling any left over legal problems, obtaining their driver’s license, applying for food stamps or other benefits and obtaining clothes for work and casual.
  • Bible studies and other teaching opportunities.
  • Celebrate Recovery


Selection process for Obadiah’s House

Our selection process for aftercare residents is by application. We then review and interview the candidate. In potential residents, we look for motivation towards change. If someone can live by rules and accept advice, they are considered. We are looking for men who have found Christ and are willing under the leadership of the Holy Spirit to submit one year of their lives to work on issues in their lives that have sent them to prison while at the same time grow in Christ.

Men who are invited to come to Obadiah’s House are asked to make a one year commitment to stay at the home.  Almost all of the men have been involved with drugs and other problems that have consumed many years of their lives.  We desire to challenge the men to come to the home and dedicate this year to find employment, validate their salvation and grow as a disciple of Christ.

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