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Obadiah’s House is a non-profit Christian transitional home for men.  Men who profess Christ that have been broken by poor choices, sin, bad circumstances and a myriad of other issues. Men who need help in affirming who they are in Christ. These men are often alienated from the world because of their past and often have no families or friends to offer help.

O House makes no apologies that everything we do is designed to lift up Jesus and glorify Him.  The answer to all the world’s issues is found at the foot of an old rugged cross.  Jesus today is still saying “Come unto me and I will give you rest.”  We believe and teach that when you come to that cross and cry out asking Jesus to save you He is faithful to His Word and will save you.  But, Jesus teaches in the Bible that before you and I respond to that invitation to come to the cross — “count the cost.”  Our Lord reminds us that no man builds a house or goes to war without “counting the cost.”

The Rich Man came to Jesus and asked the Master — “what must I do to be saved?”  Jesus told him and tells us today — deny yourself; divest yourself — go sell everything and die — take up a cross and follow me.  This is the cost that Jesus commands us to consider before we come to follow Him.  This is the challenge that each man that comes to stay at Obadiah’s House is confronted with each day.  That rich man the Word tells us told Jesus “what you have told me is too hard and he left.”

Many men have come to O House and left or have chosen not to come because it is hard to follow Jesus.  War is not a fun activity!  Our commitment to obedience and following Jesus will validate or invalidate our claim we are saved.  The Word tells us in 1 John — “if a man says he love Me and continues to walk in darkness he is a liar and the Truth is not in Him.”

We are committed to the men God brings to us.  That commitment includes care and provision for the men.  It also includes teaching and counsel in the Word bringing revelation about the Truth that brings to light what we must change the direction and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Men are taught the moment they are saved they are justified, perfected and sanctified — “sealed unto the day of redemption.”  But the Word also reveals that until we die “we are being perfected; we are being sanctified and we are being justified.”  So, each day under the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we grow and mature it is revealed to us what is not perfect; what is not sanctified and what is not justified — the reason for this revelation is a demand for change and repentance where we can and will be more like Jesus. We are saved imperfect and are now moving toward perfection to live in a perfect place called Heaven.  When truth is revealed and we know that it is not a reality in our life we must confess this fact and begin the process called repentance to make it a reality.

If you are interested in making the journey with us and are committed to Christ, call us; we would love to visit with you.  If you want to see what we teach and believe, go to our blog and read some writings.  Remember, if you come to O House there will be a daily challenge to change and be more like Jesus!

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