Revelation and Appeal – We Need Help From The Body

God and God alone has sustained Obadiah’s House going on nine years.  Nine years of battles and victories!  Ups and downs.  I come here each day and in my prayer time with the Lord I asked Him to help me to remember all that He has done.  But, when I pray I asked the Holy Spirit each day to bring revelation to me where have I sinned;  where do I need to grow;  and where does He want to change me.  I have been teaching and preaching for now over fifty years and I realize that when I speak to people a so-called message from God that message was first and foremost a message to me!  The principles and lessons of that message are first for me.  Too many sermons are dry and non passionate because they have not resonated first in the heart and life of the servant presenting the message. 
I promise you when a message changes you and you hear from God you will be passionate about what you have learned when you share!  I have shared many times with young pastors–“your sermons will change when you no longer are preaching the experiences and revelations of Spurgeon, Moody and others and the message is coming directly from the anvil of your life.”
In recent days I have shared about two major storms that hit Obadiah’s House.  The house sustained over six thousand dollars worth of damage that had to be repaired.  In my previous communications with those that support and pray for us I tried to preface my comments saying over and over again in some form I do not want to make my writings an appeal that placed my faith and trust in men for our needs but wanted to trust God where he would be glorified. 
But, now Obadiah’s House faces an obstacle as large as the Red Sea to the Jewish pilgrims leaving Egypt.  Behind them the entire Egyptian Army.  The plain simple truth–there is no retreat!  Last week because of issues we have been seeing in the house we had it looked at and learned there are major foundation problems that must be fixed immediately.  The cost for the repairs to the home and foundation will be $25,000.  Obadiah’s House cannot retreat and if we are to advance this sea must part.
During the Holidays as I meditated and prayed about this huge obstacle that stands before us–I thought my objective was find God’s answer for this issue.    But, God has revealed that the issue that must be addressed is in me.    I was sharing with a man who is my friend and serves O House on our Board about our need and my concerns that if I make an appeal that it might be my flesh trying to manipulate the flesh of men to help.  I shared my concerns that this may steal God’s glory and turn my faith to be placed in men and not in God.  This wonderful Brother and friend  quickly told me that this need is not the real issue.
My friend then shared with me that this issue facing O House and all the issues that we have faced and will face in the future demands that I must know God as a Father.   The Holy Spirit has in recent days showed me that  I understand intellectually that God is a wonderful Father.   In my head I understand that He provides well for  His children like a good Father.  I have read John 11 and I have preached and taught about God as a good and wonderful Father.  But, as my friend revealed and the Holy Spirit confirmed and resonated in my heart and soul I have real emotional issues with this truth.  I know intellectually that God has told me that He will never leave or forsake me emotionally I struggle with that truth.
I have had this battle for years.  I find myself projecting my fears and concerns upon God.  God I messed up–are you going to leave me at Obadiah’s House?  God, is the reason  for our struggles in this ministry because I messed up and you are angry at me?  God, am I such a lousy son you are going to leave me?
I never had an earthly Father.  I learned when I thirty five that I was created when my Mother had an affair.  I grew up with a volatile and terrible relationship with a stepfather that based his attention on me when I did things that made him look good.    My stepfather coached my little league baseball team.   I was terrible!  I had had polio and very poor eye hand coordination.  So, I had problems catching the ball or hitting it.    My stepfather  was very happy with me when I caught the ball or hit it.  But, I felt rejected and unloved when I struck out!  I failed and when I failed I felt like I was rejected!
My family was a mess.  My stepfather and mother fought all the time.   The Word that was the norm at our house was dysfunctional.  My mother was a battered woman.  I remember Christmas time when we went to my stepfather’s family gathering and all the children in his family received gifts and candy.  My sisters and I got a package of underwear and were asked to sit over in a corner and not mess with the other kids stuff.  I never felt like I belonged or was wanted in any way when I was growing up.
My friend reminded me that one of the gifts of this great Father is a great family–the Body, the Bride–THE CHURCH!  You can share with your family your needs and trust the Holy Spirit to guide and direct them if it is His will to give to Obadiah’s House to help fix this foundation issue.
So, after much prayer I am writing this article and asking my family in Christ if they would seek the Lord and if He leads give to this cause to fix Obadiah’s House and the foundation issues.  We need to get this problem fixed sometime before the end of April.  You can send your gifts to Obadiah’s House 5135 Norma Street Fort Worth, Texas 76112 or call me at (817)319-5585 and if we can we will get the gift directly from you.
Thank you for praying for us and if you are led giving to this project to keep this ministry going and doing what God has called us to do we thank you and deeply appreciate your gift!