Grateful For My Hospital Stay

There are things that are in my life that identify I am getting old and often “out of touch.”  One of those markers is social media.  I use e mail and I get e mails.  I use Facebook—I have to time myself or I find large amounts of time go by quickly reading postings.  But, I am far from being an expert.

I say all that to say I am grateful for a daughter that understands “postings” and used Facebook to post my situation that started on July 4, 2016.  As a result of her postings many friends contacted me asking how I was and telling me they had been praying.  One of the biggest surprises was a friend, who I graduated from high school with and still lives in Oklahoma, came to see me in the hospital.  It had been over fifty years since we have seen one another.  So, thank you to my daughter and Facebook that kept everyone informed.

I was taken by ambulance to Medical Plaza Hospital.  When I arrived they told me that I was sepsis—simply stated I had a major infection that was in my entire blood system.  My blood pressure was falling.  Simply stated I was dying.  I was admitted to the ICU unit.  The doctors added to my initial diagnosis that I had an infection called Cellulitis that had settled in my right leg.  The leg and foot were swollen and extremely painful and I could not put any weight on the leg.  I was a mess!  In the first two weeks I almost died three times.  


I don’t know about you; but, I did not get up this morning saying:  “I cannot wait to suffer today!”  I would suspect it was not on your mind either!  For most sane people we do all we can do to avoid suffering!  It is considered to be a mental illness when a person tries to intentionally hurt themselves.  Suffering is not a subject we desire to discuss in most circles.  But, suffering is the foundation of our salvation.  Without Christ being willing to suffer and die we could not be saved!  Suffering is one of the primary tools God uses to bring us to Him.  Suffering is often used by God to bring change in the lives of His children—we are often forced to change because of suffering.  Suffering creates a dependence on God.

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Words Often Confuse the Word in Our Life

We all need to realize that the only safe place to build our lives is on God’s Word. In this chaotic and troubled world we live in many people acknowledge the value of the Bible, but affirming its value does not mean they build their lives on it or that they find it reliable. I hear the naysayers screaming….”that’s an assumption you cannot prove.” But, in reality recent surveys have revealed that 80% of those who attended church last Sunday will not read or touch their Bibles until the next Sunday when they pick them up to go to church.

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2014 May Be The Last Before Our Lord Returns – But It Can Be Our Best

New Year’s is not only a New Year; it is my birthday.  As my physical life moves into the winter of my life here serving our Lord I am often reminded of the passage in the Word found in Mark 13 verses 28-37 where we read:

“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door.  Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

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We Messed Up Christmas!

It’s December that all of our thoughts are directed toward Christmas.  As I write this I know that when it is read I will be granted the personification of a modern day “Scrooge!”  For most people I know– flocked trees, bright lights, holiday scenes at people’s house and getting gifts predominate our thoughts at this time of year.  Jesus is still represented by a baby doll!  For most people Jesus has never grown up.  We fail to remember the manager and all that happen was the beginning of a thirty year journey for our Lord that would end only a few miles from where it began at the garbage dump of the City of Jerusalem.

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Are You Hungry?

In a few days America will gather all over the nation to eat and celebrate Thanksgiving.  Most of us will eat to the point we need to repent.  But, the issue of real physical hunger has never been experienced by most of us.    Controlling our appetites is an ongoing battle for many of us.  Most of us eat too much!  But, one huge “red flag” for all of us is that if a person stops eating and has no appetite more than likely we will all agree the person is sick.  There is something wrong.  That person who is not eating needs to see a doctor.  A person who does not eat could die if there is not a change.  We understand this principle and look for the danger signs if this is happening to a friend or a love one.  If a person has a eating disorder we do all we can to get that person help.  That makes sense and it is right for us to do something to help.  Biologically God put in our bodies indicators called hunger and thirst to tell us we need to replenish these engines where we can live and survive.

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Releasing the Prophetic

A few days ago I sat in a hotel ballroom with 178 pastors of some of the largest churches in America–we had gathered to pray and petition the Lord to send revival and a new awakening in our churches and our nation.  On several occasions preachers stated that if revival is to come we must release the prophetic.  As I listened I was not sure if the speaker or the audience understood what was being said and the ramifications if the prophetic were released. Read more…