What is Obadiah’s House?

Obadiah’s House is a non-profit Christian transitional home for men. Men who God sends to the O House have been broken by poor choices, sin, bad circumstances and a myriad of other issues.  Most of the men who have come to the home claim to have been saved.  We teach and help the men  to validate their salvation. Men who need help in affirming who they are in Christ. These men are often alienated from the world because of their past and often have no families or friends to offer help. Obadiah’s House is a beautiful home where they will come for a year to enhance and enrich their walk with the Lord. They will find help in finding employment and help to address the issues in their lives that have entrap them. But, more than anything, the goal of Obadiah’s House is to ground these men in their relationship with Christ and the Word of God.

We have learned that real ministry is living out God’s Word. The church is a group of imperfect people that began a journey toward perfection at the foot of the cross who committed themselves one to the other to walk through the consequences of their imperfections and not abandon one another until we arrive in Heaven.

Ministry is walking through the consequences of men’s choices. We desire to come alongside of the men who God brings to the O House and help them mature and develop as followers of Jesus! The O House desires to be a reflection of the Savior who called men into ministry that none of us would have chosen. He chose disciples that were imperfect and helped to develop them into men of God.

We desire and need the help of the Church in this task. We want to work with the church in helping the men who come here to address issues in their lives and develop as men of God!  We desire to see the men develop into real “trophies of grace.”
God’s provision for these men is a love offering to the Father! We ask you to pray for us and asked the Lord what He desires for you to do to minister to these wonderful men God has sent to us.  If the Lord lays something on your heart please call us and share with us.  We have learned that God’s provision are provided not by marketing but in such a way God is glorified and lifted up.  Faith which please the Lord demands trust!



Ross Geyer currently volunteers as the Pastor and Director of Obadiah’s House Ministries, Inc. Fort Worth, Texas. The mission is to “reclaim God’s treasures out of the darkness of sin.”

Mr. Geyer has worked as social worker and parole officer for state agencies in Oklahoma and Texas. For eleven years, he investigated allegations of child abuse for Child Protective Services. He worked as a Parole Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for almost twenty years. He helped parolees reintegrate into society and successfully complete their parole. Ross is now retired from this position.

Pastor Geyer was ordained to the gospel ministry on May 19, 1974 and served over sixteen years as pastor for five churches in Oklahoma, Illinois and Texas. In addition, he preached at churches throughout the United States and four major revival crusades in Australia, Philippines, Madagascar and India.

Ross earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Speech from Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1970. Ross has three adult children: Glen Geyer, Kevin Geyer, and Shawna Lewis, with five grandchildren.

Ross volunteers with his wife Jorja. They share a love and burden for the broken men who come to the home. So, with the help of other Christian leaders, they have seen Obadiah’s House Ministries develop. This ministry fulfills God’s calling in them and they desire to see these men’s lives change as they complete their course at Obadiah’s House.

Men, broken by poor choices; sin; and other circumstances are potential co-laborers for Christ, but often do not connect with the local church. If left to their own devices, they often live in society’s fringe. They face challenges with employment, decent housing, general life skills, finances and health. These men need the help of the Body of Christ too overcome their problems and find the place God has called them to grow in their relationship with Him and to do the ministry God has for them. We believe that real ministry often develops out of our failures as we learn we cannot do it without Him.

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